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Building Block Spring 2016

Sisters Kimberly and Nancy Wu have been killin’ the minimalist handbag game since 2012 with their label Building Block. The design duo is all about making utilitarian synonymous with luxury. Their design approach means shedding any unnecessary hardware or excess adornments, and instead focusing on forming clean lines and executing impeccable construction. This is what makes their bags timeless. We’re absolutely smitten with the new colors they’ve introduced this season (I’ve never loved taupe more than I do now) and as usual, the distinctive silhouettes make it hard to pick just one bag.

by :Ericain Cool Hunting

8 Swanky Wedding Updos for Short Hair

If you’re struggling to find a stunning wedding updos for short hair, here are the latest and most popular short bridal upstyles! There’s really no reason at all to grow your hair long just to wear one of the traditional long hair wedding updos!
For short hair,these days, the range of swanky wedding updos is enormous! It’s quite easy to copy the shape of a long wedding updos on short hair. A long fringe can be lightly back-combed and swept back from the forehead and with the sides slicked back and some curls at the crown, you can create lots of beautiful wedding Updos!

Swanky Wedding Updos for Short Hair

Swanky Wedding Updos for Short Hair

Gorgeous bridal headwear
For short hair – play up the headpiece! You can buy allthe latest hair accessories online, so you’re no longer restricted to a small range of bridal headwear in one or two local shops.

Pixie wedding updos for short hair
A sleek straight pixie looks fabulous with the addition of a corsage of silk orchids pinned to one side. …